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Kaki Code powered by Nexperts Academy was founded by Ariz Ramli also known as Caprice, a technology ethusiast, entertainer and influencer with a strong youth following in Malaysia with a mission to encourage more people to pursue a career in coding. Nexperts Academy Sdn Bhd, a pioneer in education and career transformation, specializing in providing corporate training in IT professional certification-oriented courses of world-renown tech leaders such as Cisco and Microsoft to working professionals. Both Ariz Ramli and Nexperts Academy have formed Kaki Code, a coding school that is under the wing of Nexperts Academy Sdn Bhd which provides industry standard coding bootcamp and short programming courses to meet in-demand skills for today’s digital economy. Since Kaki Code is powered by Nexperts Academy Sdn Bhd, our coding school is a HRDF Registered Training provider wherein, corporate sectors registered with HRDF as HRDF Registered Employers are entitled to claim for the training and examination fee (if any from HRDF under various HRDF schemes. Having said the above, most importantly , in Kaki Code , we aim to empower students to find meaningful careers in Web Development and UX/UI Design by offering immersive learning experiences to our fellow students. This objective is met with our hands-on , Industry-validated syllabus, and structured learning methodology, which we trust that upon completion of our program, our student leaves with a new way of thinking and approaching problems efficiently, which would result in acquiring in new jobs, pay raise at their current jobs, or even start-up a new company.

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